Saturday, January 17, 2009

Respect The Cake!

Okay, for all of you home bakers out there, if you have never worked with rolled fondant, you have to trust me on this: Professional Cake Makers do NOT make enough money!

I made a Teepee Cake for our neighbor's birthday, and after the 6 1/2 hours that was a labor of love and determination, I was so depressed to watch them carve away at it!! First of all, the stuff is almost the same consistency as taffy. Add to that, it came in white and I needed brown. (yeah, sounds a LOT easier than it was, let me assure you!) Then, you have to figure in placement of the fondant sheet, which was especially difficult for me seeing as I did not have professional equipment for this task.

All in all, it was a teepee. A teepee that my husband casually unwrapped - then discarded the precious fondant! Then they cut away at the lump of brown that was my beautiful cake!! It was pretty tasty, though, I must say. Depressing, but yummy.

Yup, professional bakers should make more money. Oh, well, at least they do not have to watch people hack away at their creations after they make them. That's worth something....
From Family & Friends 2008


  1. My sister would be proud to hear this! She is a professional baker and owns her own shop in downtown Franklin....IveyCake!

    I have seen her work...and it is NOT EASY!
    I'd rather watch 100 kids than bake all day! took lots of good pics to remeber your latest creation!

  2. 6.5 hours?!? 6.5 hours?!?