Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Making History

Today, our country put its first African American President into office. What a day to be an American!! And a parent! And an educator!

Whether or not you voted him in, Barack Obama is now the leader of this great democratic nation. The people have spoken. And the people were heard. What a blessing to live in a place where the people have a voice! Praise God for the blessing, the honor, and the privilege!!

As we watched George W. Bush pass the torch on to Barack Hussein Obama on television, we were reminded of the importance of this event, the symbolism of it all. It signifies not only the changing hands of power, but also the hope of a people, a people who sit in the sidelines of discontent, knowing that, soon enough, their day will come, their voice will be heard. For the Presidency is fairly temporary, and those who oppose the one who is elected have only to wait, to pray, to hope, and to try again.

Today, we crossed from one side to another, one political party to another, one set of beliefs to another, one color to another, and we stand in a new place. A place of joy for some, disappointment for others, but a place of change, for sure.

As a Christian, I will be praying for our new leadership, but personally praying for the President and his family. May God richly bless and fully protect President Obama and his family.

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  1. Wow, wonderfully said, and I agree completely. Thanks so much for all your thought out and reassuring comments on my homeschooling blog. You have truly been a blessing and encouragement to me!