Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Homeschooling Makeover!

So, I decided at the end of the year that we would restructure and reorganize our homeschool. That plan was put into practice yesterday for the first time, and I can say with confidence now that we have had two days to experience it, we are in for SUCCESS!!

I initially wanted our kids to experience the freedom of homeschooling... we didn't sit at the table and work for 4 hours until we were done. Now, I recognize that for my children, we have to get the bulk of the studies done first thing in the morning - otherwise, bad attitudes appear with the homeschooling materials!

So, starting our new year, we have a new homeschool plan. And it is really working for us so far! Dania is struggling to adjust to the new schedule, and she was the biggest hurdle to completing our studies in one sitting anyway, so we are working on it. Overall, though, we are accomplishing more, finishing sooner in the day, and working at improving our attitudes toward our studies.

With the structural changes in our schedule, I have also reduced the clutter and distractions, and we are thinking more about other changes that can improve our homeschooling. One thing is certain: homeschooling is as much a constant adjustment as parenting.

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