Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Welcome, Oliver, to our home!
We're sure glad to have you.
You looked so sad and all alone,
When we arrived to meet you.

A tiny cell, a concrete floor,
A lack of proper care...
All living things deserves much more;
We couldn't leave you there!

We love your face, your spirit, too,
You're a true gentleman.
You love the kids and they love you,
And you'll be a forever friend!
From Minivan Moments

We adopted Oliver this afternoon from the local animal shelter. He is a German Shepherd mix (with what, we aren't sure), and he is very lovable! He is great with the kids, and he seems to really want them around. He is a bit depressed, though, and hasn't gotten enough food, exercise and sunlight, so we are hoping that with love and attention, he will THRIVE!

Please pray for our little Oliver (or "Ollie" as Calysta wants to call him!) that he will grow strong and healthy and be a good addition to our family!

1 comment:

  1. Awwww!!!! Oliver is just toooo cute! He makes me want to go and adopt all the other furry creatures that are still there!

    He couldn't be with a better family if he had hand-picked you guys his self! What a prayer aleady answered for Ollie...I like that name, too! He will definitely be lifted up Jesus Name!