Saturday, January 24, 2009

Praise God for Halli's Miracle!

Hey y'all, just wanted you to know that I sooo appreciate your prayers & concerns... God really does answer prayers and yours must have helped tremendously because we feel like Halli's turnaround was a direct result of so many folks holding her up in prayer. THANK YOU!!! The email below tells of our miracle and the good news for Halli. My niece Amie sent it out today to let everyone know that Hallie is FINALLY home!
Vickey (great-Aunt)
We were told last Friday that Halli needed open heart surgery. At that time she was losing weight, on oxygen, and a feeding tube. The day before she was transported to Vanderbilt (Sunday via ambulance) she was weaned off the oxygen. Once we arrived at Vanderbilt they discovered two more issues; a distended stomach and abnormal blood cells that could potentially cause Leukemia. They postponed the original surgery date of Tuesday and began to run other tests. They ran a test on Monday to rule out intestinal issues and then a bone marrow on Tuesday which ruled out Leukemia. As frustrated as I was with the idea of more potential complications, those two days were a blessing in disguise. Within those two days she started eating from a bottle and we began to see more improvements than ever before. A team of cardiologist met on Thursday morning to discuss her situation and improvements. Much to our surprise, they decided to postpone her heart surgery and allowed us to bring her home. Unfortunately, she will have to have surgery as some point but the longer she can thrive without having it, the larger her heart will become. The doctors explained it to us like this, they would rather perform open heart surgery on something the size of a lemon rather than a walnut. She has multiple doctors that will continue to monitor her very closely, here in Chattanooga. We are hoping that the surgery can be put off for at least 2-3 more months.

We appreciate everyones prayers more than you will ever know! Halli looks forward to meeting everyone soon.

All our love,
Amie, Daniel, Wil & Halli

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