Sunday, January 11, 2009

Fed Up!

I am getting about as fed up with the media as I can be! I cannot even let my kids watch the NFL on Sundays with their dad anymore for fear that the network carrying the game will show inappropriate Primetime show snippets!! This weekend, CBS was carrying the games hubby was watching, and both Saturday and Sunday, we saw the commercials for this show that depicted two young adults discussing having sex, then in the next shot, they were in bed together... on DAYTIME television on CBS (I wrote to CBS and the NFL about this issue today) - we don't have cable television for this reason, but it looks like we cannot escape it anymore.

The freedoms of other interests are infringing on my family's freedom from the early sexualization of children. Can we no longer get through the day without discussing and depicting sex? Are we so depraved as a nation that we think nothing of serving up casual sex with our Sunday afternoon football? Is is not enough that our children cannot watch network television after 8pm; now, we need to keep them away from afternoon programming on the weekends? Have we sunk so low?

Here is what I do not understand: our nation is pushing to end the war in Iraq - what about the war on family values? Our country wants pre-kindergarten programs in elementary schools, payed for by the taxpayers - what about family-friendly programming on weekend television? It seems like our nation is confused; we want what feels good, and we fight for it, but who is fighting for what is right? Who will fight for our kids?

I will.

Will you join me?

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  1. I am in!! Our kids deserve better and it is our responsibility, privelege, and honor to fight for their innocence!!!

    The power of prayer and communication with my girls has made an impact. I am known as the "tv/movie police". They have to run all shows that are not on the approved list by me or dad while at a friend's or even grandma's house. is a constant struggle/battle against just even driving down the street with billboards/some newspapers, etc...

    I am happy to know we are NOT alone!!!