Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Remember My Vow?

Didn't I just determine to protect my children from overtly sexual images and situations broadcast by network television? Yesterday, my eldest child, The Princess, was dancing with a friend of hers - we were making music videos - and I noticed how smutty she looked! I'm not kidding, people, she was all pouty lips, twitchy hips, and hair flipping! It was DISTURBING! I mean, come on, she's nine. And we do not have cable television, nor do we let her watch many shows that other kids her age watch. We are very careful... and yet, there she was, dancing and prancing like a sexpot! AAK!

What am I going to do?? I tried to explain to her that she was acting too grown-up rock-star-ish, but I can't think of how to convince her that is a bad thing. I asked her to act like a nine-year-old girl, not a teenager, but I do not think she is convinced.

Someone, help!! I am at a loss here. My husband has waved his magical Leader Of the Home wand and put me "in charge" of fixing it (which just means he ain't touchin' it with a ten-foot-pole), so I have to figure out what to do.

Comment away, folks, comment away.....


  1. I don't know cuz I've not seen it, but what about HSM? There seems to be teenage dancing in that movie. Disney! The mouse seems innocent, but remember, the plague rode in on the backs of rats! (I'm only half-kidding.)

  2. Dearest Angie,

    I,too, have a 9 year old girl that attempts to act older than she is. However, I try to remember being her age and I too was at times the same exact way...wanting to wear make-up, have... dare I say this..."boobies" and dress much like what I perceived to be beautiful.

    I think it is much a part of coming into "womanhood" and finding what it means to be feminine at all ages of our life.

    We are complicated creatures and we need that constant affirmation of how beautiful we are at all times and sometimes we need a little extra "gentle" affirmation that you don't have to be like everyone else to be beautiful!

    I have to remind myself of that word..."gentle"
    when I find myself looking at my coming of age Princess and see how she is trying to find her!

    Hugs to you,