Wednesday, February 24, 2010

AAS Beehive Reader (TOS Crew Review)

When we received the Beehive Reader 1 from the makers of All About Spelling, I was excited to give a new book to The Smallish Man-Child, who is going through books like he goes through underwear!  He gobbled it up, sure enough.  I could have reviewed this book ages ago because of how fast he read the thing!! (but ever the procrastinator, I review on schedule...)

Delightful stories about children and animals and charming sketch-like drawings entertain and engage your "Level 1" reader.  The wording is simple enough that children can figure the words out themselves when there is one they don't recognize, which builds their confidence that they can keep reading.  One thing I have discovered in my home: confidence in reading is a HUGE part of reading itself - without confidence, we have daily battles with the I Can't Family (and I'm not a great host to the I Can't Family, I have to tell you!).

My only concern about the book is that the stories are a bit more stilted than ones in other books (probably to keep the words simple, which is a bonus as stated above), but it has so many stories in that one binding that it is hard to complain.  Especially when my son didn't appear to mind one bit!

Note: He just walked in and saw me writing this review.  Our conversation went like this:

Son: "Did you order that one? Or are you reviewing it?"

Mom: "We got it for free to review."

Son: "Do they have any more??" (this with enthusiasm!)

Okay, 'nuff said, dontcha think??

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Get one for your child here.  I didn't see any additional books on the website, but if everyone they sent these books to liked them as much as my son, I have a feeling we'll be seeing more of these from All About Spelling!

*Disclaimer: This book was sent to me for free to use and review.  This review is my honest opinion, and I have not been compensated for it.

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