Thursday, February 11, 2010

Science and Dogs and Brownies, Oh, My!

A friend of ours was out of school,
So he came over, and that was cool.
I learned another way to crochet
The hats i'm making night and day.

We attended our science co-op, too,
And took some dogs out to pee and poo.
Then Oliver got shots at the vet;
For another year now, he's all set!

Fudgy brownies were made as well
For the troubled teen boys here in Spring Hill.
Now, laundry is towering above my head,
So i better tackle that before bed.

Have a great night and weekend, y'all!
Eat some chocolate and have a ball.
Be sure to hug your family close,
And spend time with those you love the most.
                                          -Angela Varela

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