Friday, February 5, 2010

Homeschool Library Builder - SALE

Okay, i am getting a website/service to review that is somewhat overwhelming to describe, but they are having a sale THIS MONTH and i didn't want to wait to get the word out.

If you like books for your homeschool (or home, i suppose!) and you like getting a good deal, Homeschool Library Builder might be just the thing for you!  Like i said, i haven't checked into everything, but i have read a few reviews so far, and i know this to be something TRUSTWORTHY - i am just unable to completely describe it yet. :-)

So you can go here   or here  to see more or you can go to their website.

On Super Bowl Sunday ONLY, you can get an additional discount by helping Haiti - but you have to get on their website by tomorrow night.  Check them out for more information!

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