Friday, February 5, 2010

Worship Guitar (TOS Crew Review)


As a member of the 2009-2010 The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Crew, I received access to the Worship Guitar For Kids lessons online.  These lessons include an introduction to the guitar, as well as the way to hold it, pluck the strings, and make chords.  I was delighted to learn we were on this list since the Drama Queen insisted she wanted to learn to play the guitar a couple of years ago.  With private lessons out of our price range, we just kept putting her off.  This review turned out to be the perfect opportunity to see how serious she is without incurring any cost.

So, we borrowed a 3/4 size guitar from a friend and began our lessons.  First, we learned the beat, or rhythm, of music in general.  Then we learned about notes: whole notes, half notes, and quarter notes.  After that, we learned the parts of the guitar, as well as how to hold it properly.  Once we mastered that, we got to pluck those strings - which I discovered I had never done properly.  We accomplished two chords, which Ms. Welles turns into a song that stays with you even as it makes you feel like you can actually play something on the guitar!!

All of the kids were into the introductory lessons about notes, rhythm, and the parts of the guitar, but only the Drama Queen (and her mommy) followed the online lessons and learned the chords and songs.  She and I both discovered rather quickly that it will take some time before we can play those chords without pain.  But I do believe we will persevere.

Thanks to Jean Welles' Worship Guitar for Kids, we have learned that we can play the guitar.  And it is fun!  I really like the way the lessons are done, and I love how she weaves God into them.  Great product.

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*Disclaimer: A temporary subscription to the online lessons was provided to me for the purpose of using and reviewing the Worship Guitar for Kids series of lessons.  This review is my own opinion, and I have not received compensation for it.

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