Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Homeschooling for REAL

Yesterday, we did REAL schoolwork... well, sorta....

We had our first EVER day of 3 straight hours of schoolwork.  We didn't take breaks to play because we were having so much fun!  Then we ate lunch, cleaned the bathrooms, and started again!  By dinner, we put our "schoolwork" away for the day. :-)

Here's what we did:
  • We read our Bible story. (Walls of Jericho)
  • We listened to the first chapter of Robinson Crusoe. (yeah, we had to find the kid version, though. Sorry, Charlotte Mason!)
  • We worked on our first lapbook (all about money!).
  • We watched Moody Bible Institute's The Wonder of You video. (did you know your heart pumps enough blood over your lifetime to fill a 70-mile-long line of tanker trucks?)
  • We traced ourselves on giant paper and labeled all the wonderful parts God gave us ("i praise thee because i am fearfully and wonderfully made!" Eyes=cameras! Ears=musical instruments!)
  • We learned about the state of Alaska (do you know the state capital city? say "you know" like old country accented english... Joo-know... JUNEAU!)
  • We did shapes puzzles with The Littlest Princess.
  • We went to the store and got a kids' tool set (ages 14+, not toys), some wood, some wood glue, and some sandpaper, and brought it all home to create our own bathroom book holder. (partially assembled, first coat of stain applied, waiting to finish it - hopefully later this week it will be all done!)

Today, we are going to plant strawberries, finish our money lapbook, read more Robinson Crusoe, read another Bible story, do some math, and play with textures.  Better get going...

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