Thursday, March 11, 2010


i have a 10yo daughter.  My 10yo daughter is sensitive.  My sensitive 10yo daughter has begun sending me email messages to inform me of my parenting mistakes. {sigh}

What do i do with a daughter who is lazy but cannot handle being told she is being lazy?
How do i train a child who cannot accept her mistakes?
What do i do with a child who doesn't respect what i say if i am not being complimentary?
How do i raise a daughter without correction?
What do i do with a preteen who is embarking on a marathon of emotional turmoil?

Oh, Precious Jesus, give me strength and wisdom!  i feel so ill-prepared for this season!!

P.S. i am already making sure to hug and snuggle more, and we are spending more quality time together than we have the past few months.  Any other tips would be appreciated!


  1. Oh, Angie! I am sorry but this had me laughing so hard:) We too, have a drama queen. I think mainly, you just have to know that what you are doing as a parent is right (praying and exploring your own motives). I'm a mom & stepmom, so I have to do that often.
    Once you feel like you are doing what is in your daughter's best interests...then she needs to listen! I would not budge, or be moved by the drama. When you are not angry--you can just smile or chuckle sweetly, and tell her "you are sorry she is not old enough or mature enough to understand" that ought to slow her down:) Conversely, when she does respect your rules or whatever, thank her for being "mature" (my dd loves that word) And, point out that she is a good role model for her siblings and you appreciate her behavior. After that, if she gives you too much grief--time out!!Really, you are the parent and you owe it to her to teach her respect--even though it is soooo much easier sometimes to just ignore it--it only gets worse:)

  2. Thank you,Thank you, Thank you, Heather!
    Good tip - The Drama Princess does love to think of herself as mature! (i have no problems using that word against her... mwahaha!)

    Well, i am glad you were laughing!! If we take our problems too seriously, we lose sight of how temporary they are, right? :^)

    By the way, i have been a stepdaughter, and i want to encourage you that it DOES get better!! What a snot i was to my stepmom my whole life, then WHAMMO! God took me down a few notches a few years ago, and my stepmom forgave me, and we are such great friends now!!!

    Peace and blessings upon you and thanks again for your time and encouragement.