Friday, March 12, 2010

Gonna Whine...

Yes, me.  I am going to do some whining.

Still here?

You've been warned....

I set up a community outreach event.  Obtained permissions, booked locations, took reservations, added official speaker, etc.  No big deal.  My civic duty.  The least i could do.  No praise, please.  Really.

Here's the rub: my city is apparently taking credit for it.  The "city leaders" are inviting local residents to take part in the seminar (which is fine since i put it in the paper anyway - open to everyone), the police detective i asked to speak is apparently "leading" the event, and yet no one can get the details right!  They are sending people to the wrong place at the right time and to the right place at the wrong time!!  Aaargh!

I am so frustrated - and hear me: not because i wanted the creditREALLY.  I just hate them playing Political P.R. with MY idea, work, effort, and initiative to make themselves look like responsible city leaders responding to public outcry.

Alright, giving it to God and going to bed.


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