Sunday, March 28, 2010

When Momma is Sick

So, this Momma has been sick since Wednesday.  Not a big deal.  We've all been there.  You put on your Big Girl Panties and you deal with your life.

                   Pet care.
                        Child care.

And for me, homeschooling.

The past 5 days (including today) have been a trial.  Until Friday, i did not realize how sick i was.  Well, okay, i wondered... it isn't quite commonplace to feel like you have razor blades in your throat, but still.  Despite the fire in my throat, the pounding in my head, the almost complete loss of my voice, and the general tiredness, i kept on keepin' on.  Laundry, dishes, cooking, schooling... you know.

Thursday. The coughing started. Within an hour, i had pulled what felt like every muscle in my back and in my chest with the choking, can't-breathe coughing spasms that only went away when i stuck my face over boiling water.  Yeah, that was convenient.  And so it went... into the night and the next day.

Nevertheless, the show does on.  So did i.

Friday morning, however, i decided Enough was Enough and had the eldest make an appointment for me to see the doctor (no voice, remember?).  When i tested positive for Strep Throat, i was actually surprised.  I know, ridiculous.  Still.  The doctor agreed that the coughing threw her because it isn't a symptom of strep, but nonetheless, antibiotics were administered.

Now, for those of you who have experienced Strep Throat, you know that between the 24th and 30th hour post-antibiotic administration, you normally feel much better.  I, however, am still hoarse, still coughing, and still feeling yucky.  Today, while climbing the stairs (laundry, laundry, laundry), i realized how short of breath i am. Now, i wonder if i was developing bronchitis, too.

Ah, well, the show must go on.  And so must i, apparently.

One question for all you Mommas out there: When YOU are sick, does your darling husband seem completely unconcerned?  Or does he pitch in, help with the kids, do the dishes, make dinner, send you to bed?  Just curious.

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