Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

Oh, what charming books you penned!
Children choose 'em again and again.
Your silly characters and pleasing rhymes
Truly stand the test of time!

I fear without the books by you,
My family would be bored, it's true!
The kids would not meet Sam-I-Am,
Or ever eat Green Eggs and Ham.

What would we do without you, sir?
If The Cat in the Hat didn't cause a stir?
If Horton didn't hatch the egg?
If we didn't try to stay in bed?

Oh dear! Oh my! Oh, gracious me!
What would we do without ABC's?
I cannot contemplate it, so...
I'm glad we have them. This i know.

~*~*~*~ Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!! ~*~*~*~

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