Thursday, March 18, 2010

Homeschool in the Woods (TOS Crew Review)

As a member of this year's TOS Homeschool Crew, I received some goodies from Homeschool In The Woods.  They sent us an electronic copy of some hand-illustrated, black and white maps of the world and of the United States to use in our homeschool.  I was pretty excited, but wary because we have 3 giant maps on the walls already (solar system, world, and USA), and I just wondered if I would appreciate more maps.

Well, I downloaded them, and I began to print some of the United States maps to go with our Postcard Swap of the USA.  When we started using them, I was hooked.  Seriously, I am completely in love with these maps!!  (Yes, if they were a man, I would probably marry them - sorry, Honey! - they are that awesome!!)

We got the first state postcard in the mail, Alaska, and we took out our Alaska state map, the map of the USA, and the notebooking page for Alaska (the one with the answers, thank you very much!).  We learned some great stuff!! (Juneau, moose, willow ptarmigan - capital city, state animal, state bird - I still remember!! Talk about a concrete way to learn the states!) We then did this with the next state, and we plan to do it with each state we receive.  Plus, there are maps of the native peoples of the US, maps of Colonial Times, maps of the Union and Confederate States, and maps of the United States over time.  AND STILL MORE!! (yes, I feel like an info-mercial! BUT IT'S NOT A RUSE!)

The really amazing thing is that we probably won't need another map of the world or the USA for a very long time, if ever.  This set came with over 130 world maps plus 40 world notebooking pages, and more than 180 maps of the United States, plus notebooking pages for each state (pages with answers and pages without for your changing needs).  These Olde World Style maps are thorough and as detailed as you want them to be - some with outlines only, some with text and outlines.  It just seems like they thought of everything.  And for only $18.95 each or $28.95 for the pair, this is an unbelievable deal!!  How often do you find something for the enrichment of your family's education that is affordable AND timeless.  Getcha some!

Okay, okay, I will stop raving like a lunatic, but seriously, if you can't take my word for it, head over to the TOS Crew and see what my fellow Crew Mates had to say about Homeschool in the Woods.

*Disclaimer: I received these electronic maps for free to use and review. A positive review is not necessary, just deserving. This review is my honest opinion, and I have not been compensated for it.

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