Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

This Memorial Day...
...offer a toast to an unseen soldier who is whiling away the hours in the sun... in full fatigues and loaded down with heavy artillery in the Middle East.
...say a prayer for a soldier headed out on a plane to an exotic location... to serve and protect far from hearth and home.
...give thanks to the men and women of yesteryear who dedicated themselves to the military in spite of homesickness, strenuous training, new births, heat and cold, family tragedies, little pay, daily risks, and losing friends to enemy fire.
...remember those who have served to keep us a free country... and got buried for their trouble.

Memorial Day is not just a day to save money at the mall or get a better deal on a car... it is A Day of Remembrance... A Day of Honor... A Day of Prayer... A Day of Respect... and A Day of Thanks.

For the countless members of the armed forces who train, equip, dispatch, salute, rescue, protect, risk, and sacrifice even their lives so that i can sit at this computer and wax poetic on their behalf... i humbly Remember, Honor, Pray, Respect, and THANK each one of you.

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