Monday, May 10, 2010

Beeyoutiful (TOS Crew Review)

Last year, when I signed up as a member of the 2009-2010 The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Crew, I opted to review items that were not specifically homeschooling resources.  Because of this, I was given the opportunity to review a product by Beeyoutiful.  Each member got to make selections and requests, so we got quite a variety of goodies to try.  Check out other reviews and products by clicking here.

I received Beeyoutiful Balance, which is a natural progesterone 'cream.'  As a woman embarking on the Peri-menopausal Journey, I was ecstatic to have this opportunity to try something that I had obsessed wondered about!  I have many annoying common symptoms of being on the Peri-menopausal Journey, but my doctors aren't concerned.  Of course, if you aren't the one forgetting to take a shower, snapping at your children, coping with irregular menstrual cycles, and feeling overly tired, I supposed you may not care... but since I AM, I kinda DO.

Okay, enough about me, let's talk about this cream: it is bio-identical and all natural, it comes in a 2 oz. tub and costs $23, and it has all of the ingredients listed on the bottle.  No "and others" or "natural oils" or such nonsense.  You get the real scoop on what it in the cream, and frankly, when you're talking about hormone replacements, that's a darn good thing!

Here's the WHY (from the Beeyoutiful Balance website):
"Beeyoutiful Balance progesterone cream is specially formulated to help women’s bodies achieve hormonal balance. Progesterone deficiency is epidemic in America, with approximately 90% of women suffering from a host of related symptoms such as PMS, hot flashes, osteoporosis, infertility, early miscarriage, depression, menstrual irregularity, and breast cancer. When applied properly, Beeyoutiful Balance will give the body the physiologic amount of progesterone needed to help bring balance to the hormonal system."
   (sounds good to me!)

Here's the WHAT (again, from the Beeyoutiful Balance website):
"Beeyoutiful Balance contains 1000 mg USP progesterone per 2 oz container. It is rubbed into the skin, absorbs into the fat, and then into the bloodstream with almost complete absorption, as opposed to oral doses of progesterone which filter through the liver. Beeyoutiful Balance is made with luxurious skin-nourishing Jojoba oil, expeller pressed Avocado oil, and Coconut oil, which help to restore damaged tissues and make skin appear healthy and more youthful. It is lightly scented with refreshing sweet orange essential oil."

 So, you're probably wondering what my results were...?  Well, it is my opinion that one month of using this cream should show improvements if someone is experiencing symptoms of low progesterone, and I probably could speak to that.... except I didn't get to use it for a month.  By the time Beeyoutiful Balance arrived in my mailbox, I was taking a 10-day course of antibiotics for strep throat and a bronchial infection and using a 5-day course of steroids.  I just didn't think it was a good idea to use a hormone replacement cream during all that.  So, I figured I would use the cream in the second manner suggested: for menstrual cramps.  However, I got my monthly "Visitor" on our campout that month... in another state... and the Beeyoutiful Balance was, naturally, at home.  I was actually wishing for it that day as I tried to cope with packing up a cabin of 5 people's belongings while enduring my usual Day 1 Abdominal Pains (the word "cramp" just doesn't adequately describe what happens to me...).

I am currently anticipating my May "Visitor," so I have used the 'cream' for several days.  Here is what I have found: I am not as tired, I have not craved chocolate (at all, Wow!), and I have not lost my temper with my kids.  My "Visitor" is due in the next few days, but this review is due today, so I cannot speak to the full effects, and I feel I have let the suppliers of this remarkable product down!  I did wake up with slight cramping this morning (which is a normal sign of my impending "Visitor") and I immediately applied the 'cream' - and lo and behold, the cramping has stopped!  Seriously.

I plan to use the 'cream' with my Day 1 Abdominal Pains this go-round, and I will update you all here on this blog post if you care to come back next week.... I also intend to continue using it for the 2 weeks prior to my "Visitor" the next few times so I can really get a feel for my own need for hormone supplements.  So far, I am leaning toward becoming a regular customer of this stuff!

One more note about the product: since the skin is the body's largest organ, I really like that it is in a sort of ointment form (it isn't really a cream, it is thicker and more like an A&D-type ointment) and absorbs more quickly and more efficiently into my body.  This really makes me think that there is less waste - if more of the active ingredients are being absorbed, less junk is floating through my system that I don't need, right?  Also, the 'cream' does have a pleasant ointment scent, but it fades (after rubbing it in) so quickly that I am certain it is being absorbed right away!

Well, there were many other fun treasures that my fellow Crew Mates got to try, so be sure and check them out... or see what other Mates thought of Beeyoutiful Balance (click here to go to reviews page).

* Disclaimer: I received Beeyoutiful Balance for free in order to use it and review it.  An honest review was all that was expected, and this review is my own experience with the product.

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