Monday, May 3, 2010

The Rain

We beg for rain; our grass is brown.
Water restrictions begin in our town.
We start to worry and wonder, it's true:
With spring so dry, what'll summer do?

Then the news says rain is coming our way.
We can't help it: we shout "Hurray!"
An end to the drought that we worried would be
A ray of hope, we're beginning to see.

But when the rains come, they keep coming all day,
The rain doesn't stop; it won't go away!
And after two days of this unending rain,
The community sure is feeling the strain!

The rivers are up, the streets are now oceans.
The parks are all ponds, and houses are coastin'!
I watched a school building float by like a boat!
I saw people's houses with newly-filled moats!

"The 100-year flood," they are saying in town.
And then they tell us how many people have drowned.
What a sight! What a state! What a terrible thing!
How could any imagine what those rains would bring?

Our family is fine; our neighborhood's high
Atop a great hill, so we're practically dry.
But i know there are some who have lost all they owned
When it floated away or got drenched in their homes.

And i begin to feel helpless and start in to pray,
And i thank God for all of our blessings today.
And i ask Him to comfort those most in need.
But i know that He will.  It's guaranteed.

(The above poem was written by Angela Varela.  Please do not use without permission.)

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