Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cerebellum Corp/Standard Deviants (TOS Crew Review)

We recently received a video from Cerebellum Corporation/Standard Deviants called AP Exam Prep: History of the U.S. Although my children are nowhere near needing Advanced Placement classes in U.S. History, I watched the video myself for the purposes of this review.  Having no experience with AP classes myself, I can only guess at the substance of the video, but it looks really good.

The beginning of the video is about the exam itself: what to expect, how to take the test in the most efficient manner, tips for writing the essays, and how the test is scored. Then there is a quick, but thorough, review of 30 main points in the United States' history from the early colonists to the Vietnam War (they call this "30 in 30" - 30 historical tips in 30 minutes).  Yep, I said it was quick.  Altogether, the video is 73 minutes.

There is also a digital workbook included on a separate disc that the student should print out and use along with the video.  It looks like it would really help the student understand and study the topics in the video and practice writing the essays.

The video costs $14.98, but it is currently on sale for $11.24.  That's a heck of a bargain for a crash course in US History!  And the video will hold your attention, too!

You can check out what my fellow Crew Mates thought of the video, and see reviews of some of the other Cerebellum Corporation/Standard Deviants products by clicking here.

*Disclaimer: The above DVD was provided for free for me to use and review.  An honest review was all that was promised, and this review is based on my own experience with the product.

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