Thursday, May 13, 2010


It is hard enough to go back to daily life around here after seeing the horrifying images of our fellow Middle Tennesseans in various stages of disaster.  It is hard enough to cook our breakfasts, lunches, and dinners knowing there are hundreds of people still without power.  It is hard enough to plant my garden and dream of the fresh veggies and fruit that will come out of it knowing that there are families nearby who are dreaming of the days they had a bed to sleep in and a roof of their own.

To say that it has been difficult for me to sit and do nothing is an understatement!  I have sent supplies, washed flood-affected laundry, cooked meals, and met some of the faces of the Nashville Flood of 2010.  But i am humbled by what i saw yesterday in East Nashville.... Ruined furniture and broken pieces of people's lives litter the curbs in the communities devastated by the floods.  But these people are back at school, back at work, and waiting for the gutted shells of their homes to dry out so they can begin to rebuild.

The kids and i met a charming family of 5, and the kids were sweet and cheerful in the midst of the chaos that had become their lives.  The grandmother who is raising her 4 grandchildren all alone (but she has Jesus and she knows it!) recently had hip-replacement surgery, but she was one of the families affected by the floods that had no help, so she was trying to do it alone when the Ordinary Hero people found her and got involved.  It was a pleasure to meet them, and i hope my children are changed by what they saw in her company.  Faith.  Family.  Perseverance.  Determination.  Joy.  Love.

Oh, i won't lie, Satan had a field day with me in my quest to show the love of Jesus.  But, once banished, the scene remains untarnished by lies and doubt, and i am humbled.  God called, i followed, and of course, there were consequences... But.  It.  Was.  All.  Worth.  It.  And i do love an opportunity to give the enemy a black eye. {grin}

God is Good.
I am Not.
So, i will continue to follow His lead.

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