Monday, May 24, 2010

Lobster Network (TOS Crew Review)

Okay, here's a fun review: LobsterNetwork.  The idea behind this is that you've got stuff, your friends have stuff, your extended family members have stuff, your local church members have stuff, and maybe, just maybe, you need something, like once.  Example: your Little Angel caught the latest stomach virus and, of course, she just had spaghetti for dinner... eww.  You can't go to the store to rent the Rug Doctor (or whatever That Monstrosity is called) because it's 10 o-clock at night and, well, you're coddling The Puking Princess.  You know someone was telling you that they just got a carpet cleaning thingy and you can't remember who it was, but you're sure they'd let you borrow it if they knew you needed it.... So, you hop onto the (Wonderfully Wicked) World Wide Web and log into your LobsterNetwork account while The Puking Princess naps on the floor by the commode, and you notice that your neighbor has a carpet cleaner listed that she is willing to lend.  Perfecto!  You make the call, she runs it down to you (hey, she's a good friend!), and your Beige Berber is back to its Pre-Primavera State.  Thank you, Lobster Network!

Another scenario: you need to make room for your new curriculum books on the bookshelf, and you know there are a bunch of good books over there that no one in your family reads anymore.  Hmm.... You can log into LobsterNetwork and add all those Fun Fables to your account to sell... or trade... or give them away for free!  (That's precious real estate!!)  I sold an entire curriculum using LobsterNetwork!

Okay, okay, it's true: LobsterNetwork was created to help people keep track of their stuff when they lend it to friends.  Yes, it's true: there is a reminder built into the system to help the lender (and borrower) get their stuff back at the end of the designated period of time for the loan.  And sure, it is certainly true that you can create your own community on LobsterNetwork and not send your stuff to strangers (I created a community for my local Co-Op.).  But the best part of this inventive online community is that it is FREE.  That's right: F.R.E.E.  Zippo!  Zilch!  Your money's no good there!

So, you should definitely head over to and sign up... after all, you might have something I need. (wink)

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*Disclaimer: I was given a FREE subscription to LobsterNetwork for the purposes of reviewing the site... but YOU can have a FREE subscription, too, for the purposes of loaning/borrowing/trading/selling/buying YOUR stuff.  I have not been compensated for this review.

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