Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Summer Living

Yesterday, the kids and i made a solar oven and cooked hot dogs in it for lunch.  The oven got up to 175 degrees and cooked the hot dogs in one hour.  The Smallish Man-Child was VERY impressed and requested a second hot dot... then was joined by the others wanting another, too!

Then we went to the store and bought our yearly blow-up pool (smaller this year, though, so we don't annoy Daddy). We picked up some popsicles and ice cream while we were at it, and added a couple of new water blasters to our collection.  Fun times!

This morning was a beautiful morning, and our weekend was so crazy that it was nice to soak it up on the back patio with my coffee while the kiddos filled the small pool with water.  Then i got a wild hair and decided to mow the grass for my hubby.  Let me just tell you, that mower is not built for a 120-pound, just-over-5-foot-tall female.  Furthermore, you sure notice how lumpy and hilly your yard is when you're pushing a mower through it!  And lastly, you know you're overheated when a warm shower feels cool on your face.

Ah, summer living.....

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