Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Bug on the Windshield of Life

i am a bug.
i'm on Life's windshield.
i have broken wings, but i am alive.
i have been bruised, but i can move.
Being able to move means i can make a decision.
Possibly the biggest decision i will ever make....

Do i try to get off the windshield?
Or do i hope Life doesn't turn on the wipers?

i wish i could tell you which decision is the right one.  i cannot even tell that for myself right now.

What i do know is this:
~ i am never alone, for God is with me.
~ i never suffer in vain, for God has a plan.
~ i will not be asked to do anything i cannot bear, though it may sometimes seem that way.
~ i will be alright... as long as i follow the sound of my Creator's voice.

Are you one of the bugs on the windshield with me?  Do you need to hear from God?

Father, in all that i am, in all that i have been, i surrender.  i am nothing without you, and i repent fully of all the days i thought i could rely upon myself.  i ask total forgiveness tonight for my doubt, my fear, my faithless attitude, and my selfishness.  i praise Your Holy Name that you would even hear my request... yet You go one step further and GRANT IT.  i praise You that You have brought me so far in the past year, that You cared enough NOT to leave me where i was.  Lord, i ask You to manifest Yourself further in my life.  i want less of me and more of You.  Please help me in this moment and the next, and please help me remember to seek You in the moments afterward.  i lay my life down at Your feet for You alone are worthy of holding it in Your hands.  i surrender all.  Help me hear Your voice and obey Your words.  In the Name above all names, Your precious son, Jesus' name, i ask these things.  Amen.

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