Monday, April 19, 2010

How Can I Homeschool If my Child Won't Obey Me?

Oh, i wondered the same thing initially! And i sent her to Uncle Sam's Public Brainwashing Academy instead for over 2 years because of that doubt.... oh, the guilt!!!

Well, okay, so your kid doesn't always obey you, and we know kids are better-behaved with strangers, so it stands to reason you would ask this question.

Alrighty, well, just beat 'em.
Seriously.  I'm kidding.

You have a LOT more time to teach proper behavior when you don't ship your kid off to the Brainwashing Academy, so what may seem like a big deal after school will be much less so when your child is not overstimulated, overstressed, tired, hungry, and reeling from negative social influences all day.

Junior gets to fold a LOT of laundry.  Scrub toilets.  Mop floors.  Pick up dog poop.  Whatever it takes to make Junior a productive member of the household and get his cooperation rather than his complaining.

Okay, okay, oversimplifying, i know.  But seriously, if your child doesn't obey you now, how is sending them to school going to help?  The only time you'll see your child is when they are at their worst... because they gave their best to their teacher all day and they're grouchy and tired and they know you won't hate them if they act nasty toward you.

This happened to us, and i do not recommend it.  We actually had to take 6 months off school when we began our homeschooling journey so that we could learn to like each other again - that's how much fun we were having while she was in school (not!).

Do my kids always obey now?  No, but that isn't just because of who they are.  We have bigger issues in the home that negatively influence how the kids treat Mommy, but overall, my kids are well-mannered and obedient. (It's because i beat them! I'm just kidding!! *grin*)

All joking aside, homeschooling won't solve the disobedience dilemma, but it gives you a lot more time to work on it - not to mention, more motivation: that little stinker is going to be in your face 24/7 and that's motivation to give 'er an attitude adjustment!! *big grin*

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