Friday, April 23, 2010

Super Star Games (TOS Crew Review)

When we found out we would have the opportunity to review something from Super Star Speech, I thought, "well, I guess we'll sit this one out." We have no speech problems or delays in our home (and 3 of us are even tongue-tied!).  Blessed, for sure!!

Well, it turns out there are GAMES made by the same folks, so we got to try those instead!  Yay!

We got a download of Super Star Games that contained 11 print-and-play games.  The topics were things like insects, continents, planets,  inventors, plus others.

We played a couple of the games since some of them were above my kiddos' level (not that they couldn't be interesting and fun just because we didn't know the subject matter... I just didn't print those because I thought they would be too hard).  The kids really liked them!  They wanted to play again as soon as a game was over, and there was a lot of laughing and 'Oh, man!" to be heard.  My first-grader was really trying, even though he had never heard most of the stuff before!

For $3.50 per game (instant download from Curr-Click), it is another great way to reinforce what you are learning or explore topics you aren't yet cementing in a fun way.  The games take up WAY less space than your average board game, and they are much more educational, but with some of the concepts of other games that make them fun.  For example, the Continents game allows players to win by "settling" continents, so it is sort of like an easy, educational version of Risk.

We liked them.  The only downside for me would be the little game pieces - you cut these out of cardstock, and I like to keep these sorts of things in zip-top bags, but the little game pieces stick to the bag with static electricity!  I could easily see using buttons or beads to solve that problem, though. (and it really isn't a BIG problem at all!)

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*Disclaimer: I was provided the free games with the intention that we would use and review them.  An honest review is all that was promised.  I have not been compensated for this review.

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