Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Time 4 Learning (TOS Crew Review)

I recently received a month of access to Time 4 Learning's online website - the preschoolers section.  Since this is likely the first thing we have received that is just for preschoolers, and since I seriously contemplated signing my family up for this last year, I was ecstatic!

The Littlest Drama Princess and I got to click around the website, though not as much as I would have liked due to internet difficulties that lasted much of our month-long access.  Now, if I load the page, she happily hops up into the chair and says, "time for my 'kool, Mommy?" which is adorable all by itself!

The site offers LOTS for little people to do: play games, watch videos, draw and color, be read to, and more!  There are topics galore for education: numbers, letters, seasons, bugs, pets, days of the week, space, tools, vehicles, and much more!  When you want a break from all that (yeah, right!), you can head over the Playground, which is full of, yup, you guessed it:  MORE GAMES.  Puzzles, 2-player games, math games, various activities (like creating a flower arrangement in a vase or coloring zoo animals)... so much to do.

Honestly, the site is great, and today's children are certainly technologically inclined, but for my 3-year-old, I like her to play with all of her senses as much as possible.  Time 4 Learning certainly offers a lot for the $19.95 per month price tag, but preschool is free at our house, so we're not going to sign up for this one.  However, trying their preschool section has certainly made me curious about the older kids' areas, and we may try those out!

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*Disclaimer: I was given one month of access to the preschool area of Time 4 Learning's website for free in order to review it.  This review is my own opinion of that site, and no compensation has been provided.

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