Sunday, April 18, 2010

Camping With the Kiddos

So, we took the kids to Jellystone Mammoth Caves Campground this weekend, and it was so fun!  We tent camped the first night (oh, it was so cold!!), cabin camped the second night (Thunderstorms?? On our camping vacation?? Is that legal??), and were in our own beds last night (praise God!).

We looked at giant rocks, embarked on some Mammoth Cave tours, and walked through the prehistoric times of Dinosaur World - and we played around in the campground (mini golf, kids' playground, potty run, Frisbee, marshmallow roasting, potty run, golf-cart driving, campfire sitting, potty run).  We celebrated my son's best bud's 7th birthday, and we loved the excuse to take a family vacation!

Great times were had, memories were made, and a better understanding of camping with kids was cemented.

One piece of advice: do NOT take your 3-year-old camping when she is recovering from a urinary tract infection - this does not produce the calm, relaxing atmosphere you are striving for.

Have a perfectly blessed Sabbath (sort of), Everyone!!

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