Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Dining Room Table Unearthed!

We have had a relaxing weekend, but we have stayed pretty busy... of course, we have 3 children under the age of 10 in this house, so how could we not stay busy?? Today, we got quite a bit of off-and-on drizzle, so we spent a good deal of time indoors. So, I decided to tackle The Dining Room Table That Was!

Our dining room table got covered with stuff for two reasons: Dania could not reach up here so stuff we didn't want her to touch went upon it; and some stuff doesn't have an immediate "home" when it comes in the door, so it gets parked on the table. Because of this, my husband commented last week, "What dining room table?? We don't have a dining room table, we have a craft table!" And he was right.

Well, today, I unearthed it! I can see the beautiful wood, and I can almost claim it to be cleaned off! Certainly by the end of Tuesday, we will have our Dining Room Table back.... At least temporarily.

Once I get The Dining Room Table cleared of all that stuff, I am going to spread Quin's quilt out on it and turn it into The Craft Table once more. Only this time, it will have a higher purpose: to get Quin's handmade quilt finished so his room can be decorated once and for all! He has been so patient!!

Clearing the dining room table was painful to The Toddler Who Doesn't Like to be Ignored, but we endeavored to persevere - and we are more than halfway done! Also, the eldest child entertained herself today, so we saw very little of her, and The Toddler Who Doesn't Like to be Ignored considers her older sister to be her Back-Up Mommy... so she was really having a rough day!

Well, Praise God for the energy and diligence for all I accomplished today! Tomorrow can start without that headache hanging over me!

I hope each of you who reads this post had a wonderful weekend.

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