Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Fly On Our Walls

Today was just a regular day here at our house. The girls and I took Quin to preschool this morning, then went to run some errands. We had a little time after our errands and before Quin's preschool let out, so we took a jaunt over to the local park. We hadn't been there before, but we like it better than our park in our town.

We ran into a friend and met a new one at the park, and we wandered all over the many different play areas. The best part of the park was when Calysta said that she wished Quin was with us. :-) They sure love each other.

Well, after we picked Quin up, we headed home, with a trip to the library drop-box on the way. Dania took a nap, the big kids played outside, and I got to read the last 2 chapters of a book I had been reading for a week. After Dania's nap, we had a snack and played some more, followed by more time outside. And Quin is getting GREAT at riding his bicycle without the training wheels! He just takes off and does such a great job! And he is sooooo proud!!!

We took dinner out of the freezer and heated it up (thank you, once-a-week-cooking!), ate, then went back outside. (In case you couldn't tell, we had fantastic weather today.) We weeded some of our weed garden to allow for more strawberries - it appears we are going to have a great crop of strawberries really soon! Bring on the fresh fruit! Also, it looks like our blueberries are going to make it - many on the way - and the raspberry vine is still hanging on.

We stayed outside until it was almost dark, then packed up and came inside, where the kids bathed and had snack and got into bed. Overall, it was an uneventful day. We enjoyed the outdoors and the weather and each other.

Quin's preschool evaluation is Friday, so we will be taking him again - Daddy gets a reprieve! Tomorrow, we are going to Chuck E Cheese's for a 5-year-old birthday celebration. I will probably have LOTS to tell you tomorrow night! :-D

So, it was a good day. And now that everyone is in bed, I realize that I am tired, too. Off to bed with me....

P.S. We fixed the comment problem - if you have tried to leave comments but couldn't without logging in, it is all better now. Comment away!

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