Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Life in a Minivan

Okay, today I decided to clean out the minivan. Yeah, I know, I was feeling energetic.

So, we had too many toys, too many books, too much trash, too many empty water bottles, too many half-eaten bags of snack, and too many CD cases. Why is my old wallet still in the car... empty? Why do my children think the floor is the trash? Why does my toddler have 3 socks under her seat... and none of them made a single pair!

There were crushed Goldfish, stale graham crackers, smooshed Junior Mints, and Jeepers! people, did you know that french fries do not mold? We haven't eaten at McDonald's in almost a month, and that french fry still looked exactly the same!! What are they made out of??? Glad we gave those up, I can tell you that!

Well, we finally got it cleaned out, vacuumed and put back together. 412 trips into the house with miscellaneous stuff, 208 jaunts to the garbage can with often unidentifiable ick, 39 trips around the van with the vacuum cleaner cord, and 583 halts to keep The Disappearing Toddler from ingesting coins or lip balm.

I have no plans to let any of my children ever step foot in the minivan again.

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  1. De Anna from GenesisApril 24, 2008 at 5:07 PM

    I don't have a minivan but a Saturn can hold a lot of stuff too - let me tell ya'.

    I'm often embarrassed at the condition of my car but I think to myself, "Hey - I've got a four-year old!"

    Hey girl - it's De Anna (and Maddie) from Genesis. I enjoy reading your entries. Hope you are doing well. Maybe we can get the kids together for a play date? Take care.