Saturday, April 19, 2008

Stumping the Pediatrician

When my first child was born, I was stupid enough to believe that a Bachelor's Degree in Child Psychology and Development plus 6 years of nanny experience had prepared me for anything motherhood could throw at me. Oh, the ways God has rearranged my thinking! Little did I know that my jaunt through parenting would include a trip to the pediatrician that would end with my toddler stumping the pediatrician.

That's right, the last time we visited our family pediatrician and inquired about a particular concern, he actually said, "Hmm… well, that is a new one. Let me know if that proves to be true and we'll figure out how to treat her." Right. Just my luck. I have brought one of my many issues to the doctor, only to have him scratch his head in confusion! What is the issue, you wonder? Pinworms. Yep. Nasty things that school-aged kids get all the time, but one-year-olds? Apparently not so common. And the real kicker? She isn't old enough for the medication commonly prescribed, so we had to figure out how we were going to handle the little buggers.

As if HAVING a pinworm problem isn't enough to make you shudder and scrub the top layer of skin off yourself and your unfortunate offspring, add to that the uncertainty of treating the vermin! Well, two days after finding one of these repulsive freeloaders on our poor dirt-munching toddler, we finally have medicine in hand. Commence full-scale sanitation!

Yeah, I remember having pinworms as a school-aged kid, but I remember being very embarrassed about it. Silly me, I have absolutely no recollection of my poor mom sanitizing the entire family and home. Yep. Talk about egocentrism.

Remember my lamentations about laundry? Yep. God has a sense of humor. Oh, the joys of motherhood! (I started to write "parenthood" here, but really, who is dealing with this? Yeah, exactly.)


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