Thursday, April 17, 2008

Where a Kid Can Be a Kid!

Yeah, you already know what this entry is about! We went to Chuck E Cheese's today for a friend's birthday. It was fantastic! The kids had a mahhhvelous time - and so did the adults!

The place was practically empty, which made following The Disappearing Toddler much nicer since we left The Puppy Leash in the van (come on, people, it is Chuck E Cheese's! she's practically safe here!). Calysta's favorite part was making little plastic cards with her photo on them - they resemble club membership cards. She made a cool dozen, easy. Quin's favorite part was... umm, well, Chuck E Cheese's. He just really gets a kick out of the freedom to roam and play and play and roam. He literally bounces around, looking intense rather than joyous. It is odd, but it is Quin's way. Dania's favorite part was putting the tokens in the slot! Mommy was so proud the first time she did it: excellent fine motor skills, you know. Finally, after the third or fourth time she put tokens in and abandoned me to play the game alone, I had caught on to her game.

All was going well until (dun-dun-dun!)... Chuck E made his appearance! Calysta hit the deck, Dania clung to Mommy, Quin reluctantly gave him a "five" and Chuck E happily moved on, noticing his less-than-impressive welcome at our table. As Chuck E moved on to torment different unsuspecting playmates, Calysta came out from under the table and Dania went back to her food and her feet... (we've already covered my medals for Mother of the Year, remember?)

So, a fun time was had by all... And I was thinking (dangerous business, I know). I think the slogan should be "Where YOU Can Be a Kid!"

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