Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Point Me to My Pillow

What do you get when you take a houseful of early risers, stir in a cranky, teething toddler, add a touch of printer screwup, pour on a "honey, I forgot to take the garbage to the curb," whip up a banana bread, dab on scrubbing the stains out of cream-colored grout, mix in a "Toddler's Nap on the Go," throw in some homeschooling, errands, a creative project, push-up ice cream pops in the car... followed by car seat dismantling and scrubbing (like I needed more laundry), playing outside with the sand box, which leads to supervising three children washing sand off, cooking up a homemade meatloaf (which was YUM! by the way!), packing hubby up for a wedding weekend away, running and emptying the dishwasher TWICE, dodging refinancing offers from the mortgage company and cable "bundle" packages from the internet company, and planning for a field trip with the preschool?

Umm, well, you get a pretty worn-out Family Manager.

And then I found out my Farmer's Market is only open on Saturdays. {frown}

I need a cup of tea, a tub of bubbles, a great book, and a week of peace. Did I mention my husband is going out of town to attend a wedding?? Yeah, he'll be gone for the preschool fieldtrip, the Farmer's Market opening, the dance recital I can't go to now, and a new preschool friend's birthday party. Maybe I can settle for a single night's dreamless (please, God) sleep.

Good night,

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  1. De Anna and MaddieMay 1, 2008 at 9:53 AM

    I am enjoying reading your blog. Althougn I am sure it is "one more thing" for you, please keep it up. Respectfully-speaking, I look up to you as a mom. You're doing a wonderful job.