Thursday, April 10, 2008

Insurance, anyone?

Okay, so here begins a new day... I am going to post a blog. (Shelly, this was all your idea, so if it stinks, let me know, and I will go outside and bury myself in that weed garden.)

Today, we are going to the dentist, and I am thinking (as I fill out the paperwork they were nice enough to mail to me in advance of our first apoointment) about insurance. These days, people feel scared if they do not have insurance. And there are so many kinds of insurance to have!!

There is insurance for automobiles, uninsured drivers (yes, you have insurance that covers you if someone who DOESN'T have insurance hits your car - but, isn't auto insurance mandated by our state... do NOT get me started!)... umm, okay, where was I? Oh, there is also insurance for rental property or homeowners (but if you live in a flood plane, you need additional insurance for floods), boat owners, and business owners have all sorts of insurances. THEN, we have health insurance... just in case something big and bad happens. We also have vision insurance, dental insurance, and prescription drug insurance plans. Let's not forget life insurance, short-term disability insurance, and long-term disability insurance.

I think I heard recently from some company trying to sell me IDENTITY THEFT insurance. So.... if you are shelling out dollars upon dollars each month for all these insurance plans that protect you from life's "what ifs," you almost have to ask yourself... am I really saving money???

The answer is simple. Most people in the prime of their lives with normal seasonal illnesses and no major surgeries are spending money on peace of mind. The select few who are actually saving money by having all these insurances have enough to worry about with all their issues... and those people should give a great "THANK YOU" to the rest of the world - since people who do not need their insurances this year actually saved them money by offsetting the insurance company's risk and expenses.

Well, that is my "thought for the day" - yes, I usually only have one thought each day. :-)

Gotta go pay my insurance premiums...

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