Sunday, April 20, 2008

From Frost to Sunburns

When I moved to northern Florida as a young adult, I remember people saying, "If you don't like the weather, stick around: it'll change." Since living in Tennessee, I have found the same conditions. We moved here from Orlando to be near family and to enjoy a change of seasons, and Middle Tennessee sure delivers the changes. We just didn't know the changes were so frequent and dramatic!

Last year, we had an unusually late freeze that killed a bunch of our poor plants. Then we had or Spring rains and tornado scares. That was followed up by a very dry and hot summer that killed almost all of our grass and much of our other plants. Then we actually had precipitation during the winter that brought snow for the kiddos to enjoy!

Last month, I pulled out everyone's summer clothes and began to wash them because the weather turned warm. The next day (with the summer clothes still in the process of being laundered - have I mentioned that laundry never ends???), it was downright cold. Pull out those fuzzy socks, people!

This past week, we covered our Japanese Maple tree to protect it from frost. Today, my family is suffering from sunburns. Yep. Gotta love Middle Tennessee.


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