Monday, December 22, 2008

9 degrees?!?!?!

Seriously.... 9 degrees?!?!?! We are looking forward to a high temperature of colder-than-freezing today. And I have some errands to run! Aaak!

Have I mentioned yet how much I dislike cold weather? I am your typical curl-up-in-the-sun cat, so this polar bear nonsense is quite infuriating... and irritating... and not even for the birds! Most of them have flown south! I should've followed them while I had the chance....

Okay, so later, when I get back home to my house with heat, I will be blessedly aware of how wealthy I am.... Just to be able to come in out of the cold, into a beautiful home with heated air, put on some hot cocoa or coffee or tea, and get snuggly under the covers on the sofa... maybe with a movie for the family... Yeah, I am spoiled. I am also a whiner, apparently.

Enjoy your day! Hope you are in the above-freezing range....

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