Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Can I stay the same age....

... even if my children still get older? My son turned six yesterday, and it is amazing, to say the least, that my children are now 9, 6, and 2!! How did I get so old???

I remember being nine. I may not remember much about 6 or 2, but 9 I remember. I remember thinking my parents had it all together, grown-ups still knew almost everything, Barbies were still cool, my town was so big I couldn't comprehend its size, and summer was all about playing outside until dark, which was past normal bedtime.

Looking back, I realize I had a completely distorted view of what growing up would mean! I thought I would feel different inside somehow. In a lot of ways, being a grown-up is really just about making right choices when you want to make wrong ones, like doing the laundry when you want to watch television, making dinner when you want to order take-out, and picking up the Bible instead of the latest suspense novel. Being a grown-up is about being responsible.

Of course, being a grown-up also means you can go outside instead of cleaning up the kitchen, eat an ice-cream sundae for dinner, go to the mall on a rainy day to window shop, or stay in your pajamas all day. Being a grown-up is not so bad. It just doesn't feel as different as I expected it to.

My life is good. In fact, it's great. Can I just stay here?

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  1. I vote for "stay here!"
    Sounds like a "grown-up' choice to me!!!