Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Attitude Adjustment

When you can listen to your children interact and hear all your parenting mistakes....
When you can watch your children play pretend and witness everything you've ever done wrong....
When you catch yourself reprimanding your child in the very tone you are reprimanding her for using....

It is time. Time for a much-needed attitude adjustment.

Our children learn what they experience. Mine have obviously been experiencing a bad attitude a little too often.

Children speak what they hear. Mine have clearly heard too many nasty tones recently.

Children are what we make them, to a large degree. I refuse to go on shaping them in this most negative way.

One thing you may already know about me is this: I am passionate about things I believe in, but not unwilling to focus on my own shortfalls. I try not to focus on other people's splinters while walking around with a plank in my eye! (that's from the Bible, just in case you wonder where you had heard it before)

Clearly, no one - save Jesus - is perfect. But without trying to be better, none can be all that s/he is designed to be. I intend to be better. I intend to give myself - and my family - an attitude adjustment.

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  1. I am hearing you sister! I am there most days and I know my sweet innocent children see the worst side of "Betty/mommy" and that is just NOT right!!!It is a privilege that God has given me to be a mother and He deserves the best from me as do my very forgiving children and even hubby,too!!!