Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Peace at Christmastime

It is amazing.... All the shopping, the errands, the wrapping, the planning, the gathering.... To just sit here this morning with my children and watch a movie.... The peace I am given this day, the day before a holy day, the day that comes before the culmination of all the shopping, errands, wrapping, planning, and gathering.... When we wish for peace on Earth, do we even understand what peace is? Many of us do not.

To me, obviously, peace is, in a very shallow sense, quiet and stillness and ease. How many of us might wish for world peace but have no true concept of the meaning of it? Does the war in Iraq really touch us, the majority in this country? Does hunger truly have us in its grip? How about cold? Heat? Are we without clothing or blankets this winter? Many of us are not. And many of us will never know that reality.

So... Peace at Christmastime may sound like a fairy tale. To many of us, a quiet morning with our families is enough, though we may half-heartedly wish for more. But to those out there who know, really know, the value of peace, the true meaning of the word, simply by its very absence in their lives, I am compelled to remember you, to pray for you, to wish for peace in a whole-heartedly thankful sort of way. Because while I do not deserve my blessings and this life of relative ease, neither do you deserve a life without it.

May God have mercy on us all, and may He bless every soul who suffers with His grace and compassion.

Merry Christmas.

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