Thursday, December 25, 2008

Showed Up on Christmas!

Dearest Husband,
It was incredibly thoughtful (and sneaky) of you to spend time - on your own (while I was taking care of our children) - picking out just the right gifts for the children and I (after we agreed on the gifts I had chosen). It warms my heart (and burns my biscuits) that you would care enough about each of us (or want to show me up) to demonstrate your love (and competitiveness) in this manner.

The children are ecstatic over the gifts you got for them (and barely care about mine now that they have opened yours first)! I just love my gifts (though they make the ones I got for you seem insignificant). I thank God for you (though you may suffocate in your sleep tonight). You are truly a gift (one that cannot be returned) and I am grateful for you in my life (that one's usually true).

Your loving wife.


  1. This is too funny!

    Sounds a lot like what we like to do to each other...

    A little "healthy" competition keeps things exciting...You must tell me what he got for you!!!

  2. A beautiful rose gold "pink ribbon" necklace with a dangling heart full of pink sapphire chips... all on a white gold chain. AND... he got me a FABULOUS card... with WORDS... then he WROTE WORDS IN IT HIMSELF! Wow. He's pretty cocky, I must say, but he sure earned it. I got him a wallet, a desk calendar, and some chocolate covered nuts. Great gift, right? Believe it or not, he asks me for the wallet every year I fail to buy him one. Okay, still pitiful. I know.