Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Cabin Fever!

With all the wet, cold, yucky weather we have been getting, the kids and I have been stuck inside a lot. I feel like I am getting cabin fever! In an attempt to keep the finances on track, we are staying in, but I REALLY want to go out and do something!! Aaaak!

Dania is climbing the shelves to get to new and different toys (put there so she can't reach them, mind you).

Calysta is being bossy and snotty to her brother (listening to her mother, for sure).

Quin is being obstinate and refusing to be cooperative (trying to be a little man and in charge of his own destiny already).

Mommy is trying to hold it all together (piece by piece, one finger-hold at a time).

And Daddy just comes home and laughs at us (after all, he is with other people in a different environment all day)!

I sure hope we can survive the winter - is it spring yet?

How about now?


Oh, well, Christmas will be a bright spot, and January will bring renewal as our home and homeschool get a thorough cleaning and organizing!

1 comment:

  1. Oh...Cabin Fever...yeah...I am ready for some warm weather,too. The beach is definitely calling my name...

    Here's wishing you a great day from the Applehouse Cabin;)