Monday, December 15, 2008

Ice Cream Day

Yes, I realize it is cold outside. I understand it is December. I even acknowledge the chilly drizzle falling from the sky. But we wanted ice cream cones. And our favorite ice cream was on sale. And it was on the grocery list, so we didn't even impulse-shop!

We had ice cream cones for lunch! Really, people who only have dessert after a meal are just packing additional calories onto an already-met caloric need. Let me explain. You need 300-400 calories for lunch. So, you eat a sandwich and some chips - maybe some soup and crackers. You ingest your 300-400 calories. Then, you want something sweet. You want a treat! SO you eat a 200+ calorie dessert. Ummm, do the math, people! That dessert destroys your weight worse than eating the dessert in place of the meal would!

So, my kids are happy to have a mommy that believes it is okay to eat an ice cream cone for lunch every once in awhile. After all, we are only as old as we feel, as young as we act, and as responsible as we have to be!

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