Friday, December 12, 2008

Nap-free is the way to be!

From Minivan Moments
Well, most days!

Dania is now taking fewer naps! Mommy made that executive decision after many months of dealing with a miserable toddler for an hour everyday after her nap. Mommy's opinion is that naps should improve the child's disposition, not wreck it! So, after many months of pre-dinner nightmares, we have banished the nap. And it is not altogether unpleasant, actually.

I certainly can use the middle-of-the-day break from my busy little imp, but the constant struggle to put to sleep, followed by the inconsistent amount of nap, wrapped up with one hour of post-nap whining sure put a constant damper on the day. Then, when Dania started to show signs that she could stay up all night after having a lovely afternoon nap, Mommy took drastic action!

We are now in our second week of fewer naps (about a nap every two or three days is working), and the Crankmeister's disposition during the day is much improved. And Dania is going to bed at a decent time each night with very little fuss. And Mommy is very surprised that the nap is not as missed as she thought it would be! In fact, our days are downright happy!

We visit the Pediatric Otolanryngologist (ENT) in a couple of weeks, so we may find a solution to the sleep issues, but for now, this is what works. So, for us, the day has come. Naps are not part of the plan. At least not right now.

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